Asphalt, Concrete or Pavers? Which Driveway is Right for You?


When considering a new driveway, cost is probably the most influential part of your decision. But besides cost, other factors such as maintenance, visual appeal, climate, durability and life-expectancy also weigh in.

Here’s a general overview of things to consider.

For initial upfront costs, interlocking pavers are the most expensive. Then concrete, and the least expensive of the three is asphalt or blacktop. However, for ongoing maintenance, paver driveways require the least amount of maintenance, compared to concrete and asphalt. So in the long-run, pavers may not be as expensive after all.

Pavers also add incredible curb appeal, and real-estate value. If you can’t afford to install pavers throughout the whole driveway, you can add them as a decorative accent to asphalt or blacktop.


Concrete or asphalt driveways, are a less expensive way to add to your home’s curb appeal and real-estate value. If your budget still doesn’t allow for a brand new driveway installation, seal-coating is another option to improve your existing driveway.


Regardless of which option you choose, a new and/or improved driveway can enhance your home value and curb appeal. To learn more, or to request a quote, visit


Easy Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal this Spring

10 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal this Spring


  • Clear gutters and clean up leaves and/or winter debris around the property, especially in the corners and under hedges.
  • Add flowers and/or greenery along the edges of the driveway.
  • Paint the garage doors, shutters and front door.
  • If you can’t afford a new driveway, have it professionally seal-coated.
  • Add seasonal accent decorations.
  • Weed, trim, groom plants, and re-arrange shrubs.
  • Keep the trash area and garbage-pails discrete.
  • Powerwash the siding.
  • Splurge on a new mailbox.
  • Have new bricks installed on the front stoop.

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Outdoor Spaces on Long Island

Ok it’s the middle of winter. Long Island has packed away their lawn mowers and closed up the barbecues – but, it’s a great time to get inspired and imagine the new outdoor space of your dreams, just in time for spring!

As you consider your next home improvement project, keep in mind that outdoor living spaces add appeal and value to your home. Weather it’s a new driveway, stoop, patio, pool-scape or outdoor kitchen, a new exterior hardscape adds incredible impact and value to your home.

The first thing to think about as you plan your outdoor project, is the overall space. Consider the entire area you have to work with, and then try to imagine what you want to add or redesign (a patio, pool, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, retaining wall, etc.)

Keep in mind that lines, patterns and textures add beauty and appeal to an outdoor design. Plants, shrubs and greenery along the edges of your hardscape can compliment and enhance the beauty of your design.

backyard, Long Island

There are so many different materials and textures available today. Travertine natural stone pavers make a stunning patio or pool-scape. Paving stones and bricks make a driveway beautiful on their own, but also work as a great accent for decorative asphalt / blacktop driveways.

Paving Stones

Map out the area in your mind, or sketch it out on paper. Then our professionals can provide a computer-generated digital image so you can see the full design before construction starts.


A professional can work with your design ideas while ensuring that all the construction is done safely and in compliance with applicable codes. Professional masons and paving contractors incorporate factors such as rain and water drainage, so it has a place to go besides your basement or crawlspace. They make sure your hardscape design grades away from your home so that water will drain naturally and won’t pool in corners or the middle of the design.

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